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Biro & Sons is one of San Francisco’s oldest and most respected silversmith firms. We pride ourselves in offering old world craftsmanship and using only high-quality materials. We use vintage tools to work on heirloom pieces and newer instruments, which improves our restoration, design and special order manufacturing abilities.

The professionals at Biro & Sons are well versed in working on many sizes and shape of pieces, as well as delivering a wide assortment of finishes, including silver, gold, copper, nickel and brass, along with many shades of oxidation. In fact, we work with many designers and decorators to create specialty finishes or recreate antique oxidations to match interior hardware and color schemes.

Our Hospitality Collection of hollowware can be found in five-star resorts, hotels, restaurants and casinos from San Francisco to Paris to Dubai. We feature traditional silver plated hollowware, as well as a Mediterranean Line. We are also experts in restoring hollowware used in hospitality settings.

We have also helped designers and clients create amazing one-of-a-kind items for their homes or to give as gifts.


Biro & Sons is a family business, and as such, we understand the sentimental importance of heirlooms. We take great pride in bringing back to the glory of such things like flatware, tea sets, bowls, trays, trinkets and other memorable items. We are also adept at restoring door hardware and lighting fixtures found in grand old homes and mansions, knocking off generations of use while maintaining the unique antique oxidation.

Likewise, Biro & Sons is the go-to shop for churches, hotels, and resorts when it’s time to restore liturgical and sacramental vessels, hotel or resort hollowware, or serving pieces.


Designers and customers come to Biro & Sons when that something special needs to be created from scratch. We can help refine an idea, provide guidance on materials and finishes and then create it. We have helped create priceless trophies, one-of-a-kind gifts, decorations for interior designers and more.

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Five star resorts, hotels, restaurants and casinos across the globe order hollowware from Biro & Sons to add a touch of class to their dining rooms. We feature a traditional silver plated collection and a Mediterranean Line, which is made from solid copper and brass. We also have the expertise to restore the hollowware used on a daily basis.

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