A Mutual Appreciation

One of the amazing things about working in the vast silver industry is truly how small this world can feel through our connections and partners within it. We believe that, without one another, the passion and knowledge for collecting, restoring, and admiring silver would eventually fade! That is why we would love to introduce you to our long time customer, Rachel Prater, who owns Gallery925 in New York City.

Rachel’s love and passion for silver began when she was a little girl living in New York. “My mom would take me along the shops on Madison Avenue, and we would always stop at Jensen’s — a magnificent store, and I was always wowed by it.”

Those childhood memories later inspired Rachel to start her own personal collection throughout the years. She “uses the silver dining any time [she] can! There’s nothing like eating with silver, it’s a whole different mouth feel. We were meant to enjoy things! You can be eating a taco on a beautiful piece of silver and it will just taste better!” 

After working in the industry for many years, in 2004 Rachel was offered a job to manage Gumps – a store that specializes in home decor, jewelry and gifts in San Francisco, CA. The lead brand of silver featured at this store was Georg Jensen, which happened to be one of Rachel’s favorite. It was there that the relationship with Biro & Sons was born. Rachel was handling the pieces for the store, sending them to us to work on before they were put up for sale. 

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In 2011 Rachel was inspired to finally open her own business, Gallery925. The focus being 20th century silver, featuring Georg Jensen and Buccellati silver.

 “When people downsize, tastes change and they sell their silver. Silver always has value, unlike a lot of things that just end up in a landfill. Many times we can find it a new and happy home!” 

To this day, she still trusts and sends pieces across the country to Biro & Sons for her own gallery, because “they had always provided such wonderful service”. That is why this long standing relationship we have with Rachel and Gallery925 is one that we cherish and are inspired by! 

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Please check out Gallery925 and some of the most recent beautiful collections Rachel is featuring! 




1160 Folsom Street,

San Francisco, CA 94103