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Designers from across the United States turn to Biro & Sons to help restore family heirlooms, refinish light fixtures, and refurbish hardware. We utilize our decades of experience in old-world craftsmanship and design sensibility on every beautiful project.


From the first days of Biro & Sons, we’ve taken great care to return silver serving dishes, sets of flatware, picture frames, candelabras, or vases to their former beauty. We use the time-honed traditions of our father to ensure these pieces will be treasured for years to come.
Designers are hired to pay attention to every small detail. We’re brought into help them. One of the things we’re engaged to do is change the finish of a light fixture or a wall sconce to match the color scheme of the new room. Often these items are shipped to us in San Francisco, but occasionally we work onsite.
Many old houses feature unique fixtures— door knobs and hardware, cabinet hardware, window hardware, etc. — that cannot be found or replicated today. Designers looking to maintain and enhance the character of a room may decide to refurbish those pieces rather than replacing them. We take meticulous care to ensure the integrity of these fixtures while maintaining the vintage appearance.


There are those times when a designer has an idea for a piece of hardware — drawer pulls, knobs, frames, clothes hangers, light fixtures — that they can’t find on the shelf. We’ve helped in those situations, tapping our design and fabrication experience to deliver that perfect piece.
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