Gifting an Heirloom

A candelabra was brought in to Biro and Sons to be restored.
A member of the Biro and Sons team holding a beautiful candelabra
Beautiful heirloom candlesticks being restored at Biro and Sons.
A silver platter restored by the Biro and Sons team.
A stunning butter dish was brought into Biro and Sons.
Heirlooms make the best gift for a new couple.
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Gifting an Heirloom


Wedding season is here!

The odds are high that you’ve already RSVP’d positively to three weddings already and
you know that there are a couple more to come. Gifts for friends and co-workers are
one thing — check the registry and go — but gifting is a different game when looking for
something for family members.

The good news is that shopping for our loved ones might mean walking into the dining
room since a family heirloom could be one of the most memorable gifts that a couple
can receive. A silver tray, candelabra, teapot cups, or candlesticks may make a present
that the bride and groom will treasure forever.

Adding a new level of sentimentality puts family front and center at a wedding while
honoring the past and ensuring that a family’s history remains alive.

Erin Doland from Unclutterer provides her two-sense on gifting heirlooms: “My advice is
to give family heirlooms away at appropriate milestone celebrations,” she says, “with a
heartfelt explanation of why they are valued.”

But, just what piece to offer? The folks over at Martha Stewart say gifting candlesticks is
good luck! Tradition says that by gifting candles to the newlyweds, it ensures their home
will never be without light.

Silver cups are another great gift, especially if you get them restored and then have the
bride and groom’s name and anniversary date engraved on the cups. That’s the type of
gift that can be handed down another set of generations.

We love passing on a silver tray to a couple that hosts parties or tea sets to a calmer

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been asked to restore and polish family pieces that
couples are incorporating into the wedding reception.

Molly Middleton from Molly Middleton Events suggests that using family heirlooms on
the day-of showcases the bride and groom’s personality, as well as honors the union of
two families.

“I talk to my brides about how best to capture the spirit of her and her husband-to-be in
their big day,” writes Middleton. “The logical extension of bringing these two people
together is bringing two families together. Making sure to acknowledge and incorporate
your families into the big day will not only be appreciated by the two families involved
but also makes the day more special and sentimental for every guest there!”

Adding that special something can be done a lot of different ways — silver cups can be
used as vases, candlesticks can be added to the sweetheart table, candelabra used
during the ceremony.

Wedding planner Samantha Wiley of Chancey Charm Charleston says in this blog post,
“Whether it’s toasting with your great grandmother’s champagne coupes or adding
ambiance with your grandfather’s brass candlesticks, having these antique pieces
surrounding you on your big day makes your wedding that much more special.”

Of course, the key to making a splash with the silver is to get it properly restored and
polished. Many of these heirlooms are not in the best shape, says Rick Biro. “If these
pieces are not cared for or stored correctly they can fall into disrepair rather easily. But,
a little TLC here will bring them back to their former glory.”

“We come from a family that loves to celebrate and pass things on to the next
generation,” Rick continues, “so we love doing this type of work.”

We wish you and your family a joyous and unforgettable wedding season!