Looking for Antique Décor Inspiration?

If you’re like us, you’re probably always looking for new and fun ways to use your antique silver. (If not, we highly recommend you do! What’s the point of having gorgeous silver if it just sits in a cabinet and collects dust?)

Of course, we have our silver vases filled with flowers (and lined with plastic to protect our silver from tarnishing, read more on that here), silver flatware is out at every chance we get, and vintage silver Christmas décor is everywhere. We’re a little obsessed. What can we say?

Still, we wonder if we can push the boundaries of our antique décor. We just need a little inspiration from time to time (and a reason to look at beautiful antique-filled homes). 

That’s why we follow these six lifestyle Instagram accounts, and you should add them to your feed, too.


#1. @touchesoftime_bydesign 


We simply cannot get enough of Christina Marie’s account, @touchesoftime_bydesign. The self-proclaimed style maker is nothing short of chic – or “shabby chic” –  as she calls it.

Christina does an excellent job of incorporating seasonal décor, flowers, and antiques to create breath-taking displays. 

Our favorites include these posts of antique silver (duh), Christmas trees, and stunning red flowers. How can you not drool over that?

Christina also snaps photos with a combination of china tea sets, silver, and flowers – a combo we never knew we needed and now can’t live without.



#2. @designdiaries1 


If you follow us (and we hope you do, if not, find us on Instagram), then you’ve seen some of the @designdiaries1 posts that we’ve shared.

Theresa, the brains behind the operation, has a keen eye for simple elegance. 

Her posts largely consistent of beautiful flower arrangements and vintage silver. There’s also quite a bit of greenery with blue and white china. 

Not only is her décor style inspirational, it’s realistic to replicate, which is why we absolutely love @designdiaries1.  





@frenchgardenhouse, run by Lidy Baars, is the antithesis of clutter. Lidy can decorate craftily with flatware, antiques, flowers, fruit, and trinkets, all while making it look clean and almost minimalist.  

This account makes us want to throw away every decorating trick we know and start from scratch. Who knew less could be more sometimes?

Plus, are there any antique lovers out there who don’t secretly wish they lived in the south of France in a gorgeous chateau filled with French antiques. We sure do! Live the dream and follow @frenchgardenhouse.






If you’ve met us, you know how much we love antiques and the people who collect them. Shirley of @housepitalitydesigns has loved antiquing since she was a little girl. Her antique décor shows her breadth of knowledge as well as her refined taste. 

We especially love when the holidays come around to see what décor Shirley comes up with, especially when it includes vintage silver. 

We await her posts with bated breath! And we know you’ll do the same. She decorates in both traditional and French country styles. (We can’t get enough of the French.) 

We will admit, though, sometimes we get a *tad* bit jealous of her immaculate home that never seems to be anything less than perfect. 

Be warned, after following her, you’ll want to consume everything that is @housepitalitydesigns.





Now it’s time for some of our favorite interior designers on Instagram. One of them being Chelsea Robinson. Chelsea shares our love for antiques and beautiful homes filled with antiques. 

She’s part of a growing community of interior designers on Instagram who are ditching the full-blown modern look and are instead embracing the coziness of old-world charm. 

She offers inspiration, tips for prepping tablescapes, and a behind-the-scenes look at how she decorates her own home. 

The next time we need someone to help us redecorate our home – antique style – we know who to call!



#6. @theglampad 


One of our all-time favs is @theglampad! 

The Glam Pad offers “timeless, elegant interior design with a dash of whimsy.” And boy, do they mean whimsy!

Following the Glam Pad is like walking into another world (a world we want to live in!). 

The creators behind it, Andrea, the Editor-in-Chief, and Lacelliese King, the home and style editor, eagerly share these skills with followers. 

Right now, they’re running the 2020 Glam Pad Tastemaker Gift Guide, where followers get insight from gifting experts. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed following them, and we hope you do too!



That’s it, folks! 

We wish you a safe and inspired holiday with your friends and family.